Fencing and Hedge Work

Install & Repair

We can supply and install a wide choice of fence styles.

Whether you are looking to erect a new fence or need to repair what the British weather has done to your existing one.

Classic Topiary

Shaping and sculpting hedges and shrubs is a skilled discipline that can bring your garden to life.

If you would like a creative shape but don't know what is possible, we would be happy to talk through the options.

Hedge Trimming

Left unchecked, hedges and trees can grow way out of hand.

Fortunately we have all the tools and experience to take back control, carrying out all the trimming or cutting that's required.

Garden Structures

Over the years we have designed and built a great number of wooden structures.

Including Pergolas, Sheds, Workshops, Trellis screens, Compost Bins and more.

Willow Fencing

Using top quality willow from Somerset, all our willow fencing is of the highest standard of finish and durability.

Made with either steel or bamboo uprights for support depending on the customers specifications.

Gates & Doors

First impressions count, as does quality and security.

We offer both standard or made to measure gates, installed and finished to your requirements.

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